And will change your winter cooking.

By Lia Picard
November 27, 2020
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Ready to join the weirdest and most delicious club ever? Hint: It involves mustard.

Look no further than the My Maille Community, a Facebook group for enthusiasts of the French mustard brand that happens to be one of the most wholesome corners of the internet. And one of the most passionate. And at the center of it all, a fantastic condiment that might just change your whole winter menu outlook this year.

A mustard fan club… and so much more

Maille was founded all the way back in 1747, and while the company produces pickles and oils, it’s the mustard that has stolen the Internet spolight. The brand created a Facebook group in early 2019 for mustard-philes and nearly two years later it has grown to include 57,000 members. The group’s feed is filled mostly with pictures of food made with mustard (though, the occasional nature pic slips in, too). They’re not the kind of food pictures you’ve come to expect on Instagram — no staging and perfect lighting here — but home cooked dishes with recipe notes and plenty of supportive comments. “It’s a real community,” says Elizabeth Shafer, a home chef in Los Angeles and active member in the group. “We share our recipes, food, personal stories and we offer encouragement to new members,” she says.

Another member, Pennsylvania-based Kingsley Reese, has made friends through the group. “I’m always shocked at the kindness found within the Maille family community,” she says. Reese found this to be the case when, after experiencing a financial hardship, a fellow group member ordered groceries for her family. “This kind of connection is so important in society, and the My Maille community more than fills that need within the group,” she says.

Credit: Courtesy Maille

An expanded view of what mustard can do

If there was ever a time to get into mustard, it’s when the temperatures are dropping and it’s time to get creative with home cooking. “People think I’m crazy whenever I say this, but if you get a really good quality vanilla ice cream and put a scoop of Old Style (a grainy variety) on top of it, it’s a completely different and transcendent experience because you’re playing with that savory sweet profile,”  says Brandon Collins, U.S. brand ambassador for Maille.

Is ice cream and mustard too adventurous? Maybe try something more subtle like adding a little bit into your next batch of brownies. The vinegar and salt in the mustard enhance the chocolate flavor, he says. For similar reasons, Reese adds a little bit of mustard to her banana bread. Of course, you can’t go wrong with using Dijon in chicken fricassee, adding mustard to roasted vegetables, or adding a little spiced mustard to your mashed potatoes.

Shafer currently has 10 open jars of Maille mustards in the fridge including honey Dijon, blue cheese, and blackcurrant liqueur. Her favorite, though, is the Originale, a classic Dijon that’s slightly spicy, which she uses for salad dressings. When all else fails, “dipping a pretzel into a jar of Maille is heavenly,” says Shafer.

Two Maille mustards to get you started

Here are two classics that will get your Maille game on. And don’t forget to join the Facebook group!

Credit: Courtesy Maille

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