I was recently introduced to a line of salt-free seasoning products from a company called The Delicious Dietitian. The owner of the company, Jen Neese, and I share a common passion for showing people with conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease or heart disease that eating well is not only possible, but easier than they think!

The prevailing myth is that when you're on a diet, everything has to taste bland and boring. The Delicious Dietitian's seasoning blends are one way to prove this myth wrong. I'll confess that I'm a fan of spice blends anyway, as I think it's the easiest way to add great flavor to food without having to use a whole long list of ingredients. All of these spice blends are sugar-free, salt-free, calorie-free, gluten-free, as well as being 100 percent Kosher and vegan. There are six flavor blends, but my favorites were the Creole, Southwest, and Italian. I made Blackened Catfish from Cooking Light, but replaced the salt and the seasonings called for in the recipe with the Creole seasoning and it was very tasty and had just enough spice for me. I think the Southwest seasoning would also be good on some beef for fajitas. The Southwest seasoning seemed to have the most "heat" of the three I tried, but it wasn't too much. (The other three blends available are Thai, a Seafood Spice blend and a Southern spice blend, and I'll try them next.)


The Delicious Dietitian also has a line of flavored wine vinegars (Blueberry, Apple, Red Muscadine, White Muscadine) that I'm real excited about. Jen works with local farmers in the Mobile area to get the produce for these vinegars and they are delicious! I'm on a vinegar kick these and love the bright and tangy flavor that vinegars add. You can cut down quite a bit on salt and sugar when you replace bottled salad dressings with a splash of olive oil and a flavored vinegar. Am loving my summer salads with some of Jen's blueberry wine vinegar!

The recently released U.S. Dietary Guidelines advise all of us to reduce the amount of sodium in our diets, and these seasoning blends and vinegars are certainly a convenient way to do that without compromising on flavor. You can order them online (and get some recipes) or find them at some locations of Whole Foods in the South.