I'm just back from a weekend in Paso Robles, California, an agricultural and wine region two hours north of Santa Barbara. Besides tasting the fabulous wine, I stopped in at my favorite olive oil company, Pasolivo.


This family-owned company makes a peppery Pasolivo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from five different types of Tuscan olives grown on their 45-acre ranch in Paso Robles. Their fruity California extra-virgin olive oil is made from two types of olives, and I love their citrus oils, too (lemon, tangerine, lime, and citrus blend). The flavored oils are made with the fresh citrus peels, which are crushed to extract the oils. I drizzle them over grilled fish and in salads -- divine. Co-owner Joeli Yaguda suggests substituting tangerine oil for vegetable oil in any brownie recipe for an orange-scented dessert...that's next on my list of recipes to try!If you can't get there in person to buy a bottle in their wonderfully rustic tasting room, order from Pasolivo's website or from Zingerman's, one of my favorite online specialty food websites (you won't believe the incredibly delicious foods they carry from around the world). And if you want more in-depth info about the oils, how they blend them, etc., check out the Pasolivo blog for detailed info; interesting stuff.