My 11 year old loves various name brand, Ranch and cheese flavored corn chips and crackers, but he does not get to eat them very often. The problem is, he is very sensitive to artificial colors that are so common in store-bought snacks. I found a great solution. One day while shopping on the snack aisle, I noticed a line of popcorn seasonings from Kernel Season's that looked very useful since they have no artificial colorings, no MSG, and all natural flavors. Fourteen flavors are available on their website. My store only carries White Cheddar (my favorite), Parmesan & Garlic, Ranch, and Butter. They taste great on popcorn, but one day I decided to try making homemade Ranch corn chips to give my son a rare treat.

I put a big handful of chips in a large zipper bag, sprinkled between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon of the Ranch powder over them, sealed the bag then shook for 5-10 seconds to coat. They were a hit! You can use the powder on just about any chips, crackers or even cooked vegetables. This can save money, too; plain corn chips are usually much cheaper than the flavored variety, and one 2.85 oz container of powder should go a long way.

Bonus tip: Sometimes it helps to shake the bag around before adding the spices. This builds up a static charge that causes the powder to stick more evenly.