For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Greek yogurt is a sweet-profiled bowl of granola, fruit, honey, and whatever other toppings seem fit. Though this is a completely acceptable way to consume this creamy dairy product, we'd like to argue that consuming it alongside savory dishes is equally as good, if not better. Try it with fried eggs, on a taco bowl, in a salad, or atop grilled meats, and enjoy the delightfully rich taste and smooth texture it provides to the whole meal.
Fried Eggs with yogurt
Credit: Sara Tane

Hopefully this isn’t coming to you as earth-shattering news, but Greek yogurt is a clutch ingredient in both sweet and savory situations. If it is, well then, my work here is done. Yes, there are other (...better…) ways to consume this thick, creamy dairy product besides topped with berries and honey (although that option is super legit, too). For a lot of people, the thought of mixing in plain Greek yogurt into a savory concoction might sound a bit offputting at first, and if you’re one of those hesitant folks, I’m here to convince you otherwise. Trust me when I say that there is a time and place for Greek yogurt in savory dishes.

You can get away with adding plain Greek yogurt to just about anything because it doesn’t have a assert any strong distinct flavors beyond tanginess, so its main perk is that it provides a smooth, decadent textural component with a dairy-based backbone. In other words, it’s probably going to get along with just about anything. If you’re still not convinced, some starter ideas to hop on the savory Greek yogurt train include smearing it on a plate and topping with fried eggs, spooning it on top of grilled veggies or grilled meat, mixing it into a creamy dressing for a cold vegetable salad, dolloping on top of a taco bowl, or incorporating into a hearty grain bowl. In all applications, the silky smooth texture envelops the rest of the dish and the creamy richness complements salty flavors.

Was that the most varied, incoherent list of ideas you’ve ever seen? Yes, maybe it was. That’s because, in my eyes, Greek yogurt is the universal dairy topper and you’re just going to have to trust in the Greek gods (like, Zeus and his squad) that this unsuspecting refrigerator staple has so much unlocked potential (!!!!!). When I’m feeling extra Grecian and exquisite, I’ll spoon a hearty dollop of it into a bowl, top it with extra-virgin olive oil, flaky salt, pepper, and some chili flakes, and go to MF town. Seriously, try it.

I’m not saying it doesn’t belong in your smoothies, and I’m certainly not dissing you while you top your blueberry muffins with a sizable smear of this stuff. I support you in your sweet endeavors. However, I truly believe that it would be a travesty if you let your preconceived notions of Greek yogurt keep you from truly understanding the breadth of its usage.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane