I, like surely most home cooks, find great pleasure in making recipes that sound far more impressive in theory than they are in practice. Gremolata? Yeah, I chopped a bunch of stuff. Risotto? I know how to stir. And during the summer, granita, the glorified snow cone, is my homemade frozen treat of choice.

To make granita, start with your favorite seasonal fruit. Combine fruit and any additional ingredients either in a blender or saucepan over medium heat. Strain mixture into a liquid, pour into a baking sheet, and freeze. Once the liquid is frozen, take a fork and scrape little flakes into a chilled bowl. That's it! For first timers, start with your favorite fruit and tweak the recipe to your taste with herbs, syrups—even booze! Our sister brands have been elevating the simple dessert and celebrating summer's bounty in cool flavor combinations, like basil and plum, cucumber and lime, and savory tomato.

Were your eyes bigger than your stomach at last Saturday's farmers' market? Challenge yourself to clear out the fridge while mixing and matching your way to the ultimate summer treat. Your Saturday afternoon sweet tooth will thank you.

Flavor Friday is a weekly column that explores trending flavors and off-the-wall ingredients you’ve got to try—even if just once.