Starting today, I'll be writing a weekly feature called "Wild Wednesdays." Anything and everything having to do with the "wild" side of food, from favorite wild game recipes to other "living off the land" skills and techniques will be fair game (pun intended). Hope you'll come back each week to discover what wild foods we're enjoying this week!


Here in Alabama, deer season is drawing to a close, which means that hunters' freezers are hopefully full of plenty of venison. Now, what to do with all that ground burger, sausage, cube steak, and hams? While venison is a fantastically healthy meat, with very little fat, that same fact makes it relatively unforgiving for home cooks.

However, one of the easiest - and most popular - ways to prepare venison is venison burgers. Most deer processors will package some of the meat as hamburger, usually mixing it with extra fat to make it a little more like beef burger.

After a lot of practice and some experimentation, we've found a simple recipe for venison burgers that packs a lot of flavor and keeps the burgers moist. Folks often can't believe that these aren't actually beef burgers! The secret ingredient? Crushed potato chips.

**Please note that these marinades and seasonings are local to Alabama. We love supporting local businesses. However, you can substitute your favorite meat marinade and seasoning.**


Approximately 2 lbs of venison burger

1 egg, lightly beaten

Several handfuls of potato chips (any flavor will do, but thin varieties like "Lay's" work best)

Dale's or Moore's Marinade

Favorite seasoning (we like Southern Flavor's "Charbroil Seasoning" and Pilleteri's "Original Seasoning")


1. Crush potato chips as small as you can and set aside in a small bowl.

2. Mix together beaten egg, both packs of venison, and some marinade. I never measure the marinade, but you'll want to start with several tablespoons and go from there. The mixture should be relatively wet.

3. Add crushed chips, 1/2 cup or so at a time, and mix thoroughly. Keep adding chips until the burger mixture is not so wet and gooey. It should not be sticky, but still easy to handle and form patties. (This is more of an art than a science!)

4. Form burger mixture into patties and liberally sprinkle both sides with seasoning.

5. Grill over medium-high heat for 10 minutes or so, flipping once.