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Miss Kay's Banana Pudding

Miss Kay's Banana Pudding

If you haven't heard of A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty," you have probably been living under a reality tv rock. The show follows the Robertsons of West Monroe, Louisiana, a self-proclaimed "redneck" family that has made millions selling handmade duck calls and built the "Duck Commander" and "Buck Commander" brands from the ground up. Duck Commander got its start in the home of Phil Robertson - the Duck Commander - and his wife, Kay Robertson. Many fans of the hit show probably don't know that Phil Robertson has been producing and selling duck hunting videos since the mid-1980s and has had a following of fellow duck hunters long before "Duck Dynasty" ever premiered on A&E.

What does this have to do with food? Well, clearly the Robertsons love to eat, and each show ends with the entire family gathered around the table over a delicious meal, giving thanks to God and enjoying each other's company. They love Miss Kay's sweet potato pie (once used a bribe for son Jase to decorate the house in Christmas lights), a Christmas "purducken" (the traditional "turducken" stuffed inside a pig), and pretty much anything else that family matriarch "Miss Kay" cooks.

Luckily for home cooks, the Robertsons have released their own cooking how-to video called "The Commander's Kitchen," complete with recipe demos by several family members and a paperback recipe booklet. For those who may find the "Duck Dynasty" show a little too produced and "staged" feeling, you'll want to check out this video. It's incredibly endearing in its lack of glitzy production tricks. The family members are all the same as on "Ducky Dynasty", just more real and natural. And that makes them all the more loveable.

So, occasionally on "Wild Wednesdays," I'll be featuring one of the "Commander's Kitchen" recipes! This past weekend, my husband and I had a group of quail hunters at our family farm - and what better time to try out one of the Robertson recipes? I chose Miss Kay's Banana Pudding - because what man doesn't love banana pudding? We served it for lunch with hamburgers, baked beans, and chips. It went untouched until one of the guys said "Alright, just twist my arm." After getting a heaping helping, his first comment was (jokingly) "Oh, it's terrible. Nobody else get any. Seriously," and then "It's rich. But it's really, really good." I'd have to agree. Having made other banana puddings before, this one definitely takes the cake for being decadent and indulgent, but it was pretty easy to make, and as Miss Kay tells us in the video, "Don't think about the calories. This is SPECIAL."

Her most important tip? Be sure to "temper" the egg yolks before you add them to the hot pudding mixture (which means adding some of the pudding TO the egg yolks first) - this keeps the eggs from scrambling from the heat.

You can get Miss Kay's banana pudding recipe online at the A&E website.