And why does it look like a gourd?

Avocados: they’re expensive, dangerous, and anxiety-inducing. Yet they persist. In 2018, Millennials spent nearly half a billion dollars on them. And because Americans can’t get enough of the fatty green fruit, one innovative Florida produce company has decided that the secret to making more money off of avocados was to simply cultivate larger, weirder ones.

A company called Miami Fruit recently showed off strange take on the avocado, alarming Facebook and Instagram with their freakishly oblong “long neck” avocado. They describe it as one of “dozens of unique varieties not common in any other part of the mainland USA [sic]” that south Florida’s avocado farmers are growing.

Apparently, Miami Fruit has been selling these fascinating specimens for years. As opposed to your average Hass avocado, these are Pura Vida avocados. They’re rarer because they’re usually only found in growing regions like South Florida, as opposed to more common avocado sources like Mexico or California. Most of them grow to around 18 inches, but can reach up to 3 feet in length. They’re also “thick, creamy, savory and slightly sweet” according to Miami Fruit’s Edelle Schlegel, who spoke about the fruit with Today.

For those curious enough to try one, Miami Fruit does sell their long-neck avocados in bulk. But at $47 for an order of between three and six pounds. For a better deal, $197 gets you somewhere between 35 to 45 pounds of long-neck avocado. So if you think that bigger avocado = better value, it doesn’t. Even the big box weighs in at $4.38 per pound of avocado, while the smaller box will set you back a minimum of about $7.83 per pound.

Still, you can beat the novelty of owning an avocado that looks like a gourd. Maybe buy a box and paint them orange so you can enjoy a more autumnal avocado toast? I don’t know, it’s not my money.