When compiling my list of resolutions this year, food seemed to be the axis on which my mind was rotating. From cuisines I want to become more familiar with to bad habits I desperately need to break, food rules my personal universe. Have a food resolution you hope to conquer in 2014? We hope you'll use us a resource to ensure you have your most satisfying year yet!

Pozole features tomatillo, an ingredient included in McCormick's Flavor Forecast

Pozole features tomatillo, an ingredient included in McCormick's Flavor Forecast

If you want to be more adventurous: McCormick's Flavor Forecast predicts 2014 to be a year of international flavor. Start training your tastebuds to appreciate untamed spice and unfamiliar bites.

If your fridge is filled with takeout boxes: Save a penny and eat out less. Our daily Dinner Tonight specials will help keep you in the habit of cooking.

If you need help boiling water: Need to start from scratch? We have a collection of how-to videos that will see you poaching, roasting, and deglazing in no time.

If you want to fit into those old jeans: Make the habit of mindless eating and meal super-sizing passé with our trove of low-cal recipes and weight management strategies.

If you want to make something really good: Your neighborhood Thai restaurant may make life-altering Tom Kha Gai, but you probably could too if you gave it a try.

If you want to be your own bartender: We'll start you with the basics, then let you fly off into the mixology abyss. Just be sure to come back and tell us what we need to start drinking.

Tell us your food-related resolutions in the comments section and we'll lead you to the resources you need to conquer them head-on. Here's to a flavorful 2014!