Fly By Jing Sichuan chili crisp is here to wake up your taste buds.
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I love cooking, but sometimes I want the pay-off of cooking without actually…cooking. That’s where condiments come in. I’m always looking for a jar of something special that I can keep in my pantry or fridge, to take leftovers and quick meals from boring to delicious with just a drizzle. One of my must-have condiments is Fly By Jing Sichuan chili crisp, a crunchy, savory, gently spicy chili oil.

I first fell in love with Fly By Jing after discovering Lao Gan Ma chili crunch, a beloved chili oil that you’ll find in any Asian market. Fly By Jing’s chili crisp has a more nuanced flavor—it’s made with two types of Sichuan chilis, for that tongue-tingling feeling, and a complex and flavorful spiciness. Fly By Jing’s product also uses ingredients that are high in umami—mushroom powder, seaweed, fermented black beans and shallots—all of which contribute an addictive savoriness to the oil that make it the perfect addition to almost anything you might be eating.

The simplest use of this chili crisp is just spooned on top of a bowl of rice—add a fried egg and maybe a handful of scallions and you’ve got yourself a perfectly respectable dinner. Use it as a dipping sauce for frozen dumplings, and you’ll never look at frozen dumplings the same way. I’ve put it on top of scrambled eggs and avocado toast, added it to stir-fries and even used it to pump up Chinese takeout that just isn’t hitting the mark. We’ve all cooked things that just didn’t quite have the flavor we were expecting, things that fall short. When that happens to me, I add a spoonful or two of Fly By Jing. The combination of texture, salt and spice is like magic—it just makes everything taste better.