Maybe you’re observing lent. Maybe you’re trying to save a little money or test out vegetarianism. No matter what you are currently doing, it's my goal to persuade you to join my school of thought: Eggs are allowed at the dinner table. In fact, eggs thrive at the dinner table.

First, I understand that "putting an egg on it" has recently joined the ranks of food trends that need to die. I heard this for the first time from the mouth of Food & Wine editor Dana Cowin while catching up on the most recent season of Top Chef and got pretty defensive over it.I can dust myself off when you tell me kale is overplayed, but at the time I was going through a very serious fried egg phase and—I’ll admit—it stung. It stung until I remembered that the egg is the chameleon of proteins, and I was actually doing myself a disservice by sticking to the mantra of over-easy. Since then I’ve done some digging, and have blazed through dozens of egg cartons to find my favorite dinner dishes that put the humble egg on it, in it, through it, and around it.


Similar to "eggs in purgatory," Shakshuka is a dish in which the eggs cook directly in a spiced marinara sauce. This recipe involves spooning your egg and marinara mixture over rice, but I prefer using a hunk of crusty bread as my vessel. It's a rustic, satisfying dish—perfect for chilly weeknights.Get the recipe: Shakshuka


If the invention of the Monte Cristo taught us anything it's that the only thing better than French toast is a French toast sandwich. Once reminded of that fact, any bread that hasn't been egg-coated and fried just loses its luster. Try this French Toast PB&J for a sweeter treat.Get the recipe: Cheddar-and-Tomato-Stuffed French Toast


When I was younger, my siblings and I called poached and fried eggs "dippy eggs." They were a special treat reserved for snow days and lazy Saturdays and to this day, few things satisfy like taking that first poke at the yolk of a poached egg. Throw it on top of a bowl of mushrooms, chard, and quinoa and you've got a hearty vegetarian meal for any day of the week.Get the recipe: Red Quinoa Bowl with Swiss Chard and Poached Egg