All you need is the lid of a Mason jar.
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You know when you get a breakfast sandwich from a diner, and the egg is somehow cooked in a circle that fits the bun perfectly? But then the next weekend, your homemade fried egg spills out from your English muffin? Well, you can fix that pretty easily. All you need is the ring from the lid of a Mason jar, that circular piece of metal that you use to screw the lid on tightly.

I got this tip from a Reddit user on the site's foodhacks forum, and I was curious if it would work. After all, the way they do it in a diner or restaurant on a flat top is pretty similar—you just place an egg and inside of an egg ring on the griddle or in a pan. Egg rings are nifty tools, but you probably don't need one in your home. Any round circular piece of metal that's clean and can withstand the heat of a pan should work, like a biscuit cutter or, yep, a Mason jar ring.

So I tried using a Mason jar lid ring I had on hand to fry up my morrning egg. And yes—it totally works.

You need to place the egg somewhat carefully inside the Mason jar lid, so I found it worked best if you cracked an egg into a bowl first and then poured the egg into the ring in your pan. The ring isn't particularly heavy, so sometimes it wanted to move around, but with a little adjusting, I found that it makes a perfectly acceptable egg ring. Sometimes bits of the egg white leaked out into the rest of the pan, but the ring from the lid did a good job cutting those stragglers away from the egg if you're really intent on keeping it round.

If you're serious about consistently circular eggs, you should probably invest in a nonstick egg ring. But a Mason jar lid ring spritzed with cooking spray did just fine for my breakfast.