You'll be amazed by what this pantry staple can do even outside of the kitchen. 

After months of shopping for the perfect handbag, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a leather purse I loved. In a shining example of why I can't have nice things, I promptly ruined it by letting a chocolate bar melt inside.

Devastated, I scoured the internet for tips on how to get rid of the stain. The chocolate itself was easy enough to get out with a damp paper towel. But the oil, which had penetrated the leather, proved more difficult to remove.

I thought my poor bag would forever be tarnished by a big, dark blotch. That is, I did until I found this nifty little hack.

As it turns out, the answer to my problem was already inside my pantry. I generously coated the stain (on the inside and outside) with cornstarch and let it sit overnight.

Lo and behold, the powder pulled out every last bit of oil. My bag was as good as new by morning.

That's not the only thing this miracle pantry staple can do. Check out these other cornstarch hacks:

1. Untie a stubborn shoelace

Rubbing some cornstarch on and around the knot should make it easier to untie.

2. Clean your windows

Add a tablespoon to your window cleaner for streak-free shine.

3. Use it as antiperspirant

If you're out of deodorant, dabbing some cornstarch under your arms should help absorb excess sweat.

4. Set your makeup

Lightly dust it over your finished makeup for a shine-free look.

5. Deodorize your shoes

Smelly shoes? Sprinkle some cornstarch in them to combat the stink.

6. Use it as dry shampoo

Sprinkle it on your scalp to absorb excess oils.

7. Matte-ify your nail polish

Mix it with your favorite polish for modern, matte nails.