Any seasoned brownie taster (everyone?) can surely agree, the pieces on the edge of the pan are hot commodities in a fresh batch. And they're always the first to go. Thanks to brownie aficionado Sheila Mains, there's a solution for the masses, and it goes by the name of Brownie Brittle. With an almost identical taste to homemade brownies and a graham cracker crunch, Brownie Brittle satisfies a sweet tooth's need for the crispy brownie's edge at just 120 calories per serving. Plus, no wait time for brownies to cool means no risk of burning your tongue. It's a win/win for the impatient sweet tooth!

For the portion conscious, or those of us who can't be trusted with an entire 9x14 pan, three of Brownie Brittle's four flavors are now available in 2 oz. bags. These crunchy snacks have recently been the answer to my 2 p.m. stomach rumble that, curiously, can only be satisfied by sugar. And while perfectly acceptable to eat straight out of the bag, our production editor recommends sprinkling the crumbs over a bowl of ice cream for added crunch. I'm looking at you, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

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