Beef Week isn't over just yet, and we have just the recipe to use up that final tail end of your roasted beef tenderloin. In these seriously addictive Steak and Deviled eggs, we've topped a classic, easy deviled egg recipe with garlicky bits of roast beef and crispy shoestring potatoes. Serve them at brunch, at a dinner party, or (obviously) for game day/Super Bowl festivities. And if you've got a big crowd on your hands, go ahead and double the recipe for even more steak-n-egg goodness.
Photo: Alison Miksch
| Credit: Alison Miksch

In the final recipe iteration of Beef Week, we bring to you the perfect brunch dish to round out your weekend. If you’ve been following along, we’ve been creating a handful of recipes based on our ultimate beef tenderloin recipe. So, by this time, your roast beef might be at the very tail end of it’s short but marvelous life. However, this is no problem at all, as this recipe is specifically tailored for that thin end of the tenderloin that so often ends up tossed to the side, unappreciated. If there is one things we hope to accomplish during Beef Week, it’s that no beef goes to waste. Ever.

As great as deviled eggs are on their own, we like to think that adding an extra savory punch of hearty roast beef couldn’t hurt. From lazy mornings to dinner parties and Super Bowl gatherings, this clever re-purposing of the crispy-bits end of a hearty roasted beef tenderloin comes together in minutes. Trust us, these adorable little poppable bites are exactly what your guests want to eat on game day. It’s impossible to just have one.

While we’ve spent all week fawning over the beauty of all things beef, what is beef without potatoes? Yes, what makes this perfect appetizer so irresistible are the crispy shoestring potatoes on top. Adding a starchy kick and a salty crunch, the potatoes can be found canned in the grocery store (we used the Pik-Nik brand). If you are making these for a crowd, this recipe can be easily doubled for more eggs and happier guests.

Well, I hope you all have enjoyed these Super Bowl-sanctioned Beef Week dishes as much as we have. Seriously, let this week be a reminder that it’s imperative to always keep a spot in your heart (literally and figuratively) for a nice piece of steak from time to time. And if you are willing and able to take the time to create a beef-utiful roasted beef tenderloin, the amazing leftovers to which it will afford you will well be worth your time and efforts. Because...beef, duh.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane