Take your sandwich game to the next level with this crazy good roast beef sandwich. Dripping in an extra-sharp cheddar sauce and a tangy-bright horseradish sauce, this sandwich is the perfect pick for your Super Bowl 2017 spread. Whether you've got some leftover beef tenderloin on hand or you'd just rather run to your local deli for good quality roast beef cold cuts, this lunchtime creation is super easy to pull together and finger-licking good.

Photo: Aliso Miksch
| Credit: Aliso Miksch

Gather round, my fellow beef-loving friends, because today, we are celebrating Beef Week with the heartiest, cheesiest sandwich you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Seriously, this lunch is no joke, and if you’re able to get a knife through this sandwich and successfully halve it, then you are in a league of your own. This Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich with Horseradish Sauce is one of the best (and easiest) ways that you can get in on the all the beefy fun.

Like some of the other recipes that we’ve been shouting out this week, like a roast beef quesadilla wrap and country fried beef biscuit sliders, this meaty creation draws on the the repurposing of our perfect roasted beef tenderloin. Seriously, this tenderloin is kind of kick-ass, so we think you should go balls to the wall, Beef-Week style, and do it big. Especially if you'r planning to serve them at a game day feast. However, if you’re not up for it or you don’t have the time, this sandwich tastes equally yummy with a quality roast beef deli cold cut. Ultimately, these are your beef choices to make, not ours.

What makes this sandwich the whopping beauty that it is, are the several vastly different flavor components that all join forces to give you the most balanced, savory sandwich. Not too salty, or crunchy, or soggy, like so many sandwiches can easily be. Rather, every bite feels like you’re getting just a little bit closer to sammie nirvana.

So let’s talk about these components. You’ve got abundant layers of rich roast beef (we’re talking 4 ounces of it on each sandwich, so open wide). Next, you’ve got an ultra-cheesy sauce drizzled over the beef, providing a sharp cheddar flavor without tasting like that nasty, processed cheese in a can. On the bun, there’s a thick smear of a tangy, yet soothingly creamy, homemade horsey sauce that’s brightened with fresh chives and zesty lemon juice. This condiment envigorates the sandwich so much so that your taste buds may actually begin singing. Finally, the whole kit and kaboodle is wrapped up in toasty onion rolls (although a pretzel bun would be mighty fine, too) for a warm, carby blanket to keep in all the goodies. Have I sold you on it yet?

Whether you make this sandwich or not, be sure to stay tuned all week long and join in on the festivities by hashtagging your beef creations with #BeefMyWeek. You’ve got the rest of the year to go for whatever your non-red meat of choice might be, but for now, we think you’re better off with BEEF.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane