Why merely reheat your beef leftovers when you can instead transform them into a marvelous, Taco-Bell inspired, crunchy quesadilla wrap? We don't see why you would want to have it any other way. In today's Beef Week celebrations, we offer you the next best way to satiate your next tortilla-encased food craving. Served with a zesty lime crema and packed with beans, veggies, and melty cheese, this crunch wrap is in a whole other league than the tacos and burritos that you were thinking about buying for takeout dinner tonight. 
Photo: Alison Miksch
| Credit: Alison Miksch

Oh hey, me again. Coming at you with more beefy greatness (there are few times in one’s life when they’re able to say a phrase like this and truly mean it), and this time, it’s encased in a crunchy quesadilla wrap. Beef Week is in full swing, and if you haven’t caught up with our beef tenderloin or beefy biscuit sliders, then add a bookmark to your browser because this stuff is important.

In today’s ode to the almighty beef gods, we took a page out of Taco Bell’s book. Since, like all other meat-loving humans, we can’t help but feel just a tad inspired by the signature Crunch Wrap Supreme—which has so effortlessly stolen the hearts of the fast food chain’s loyal fan base—we made our own. Our version adds a touch of sophistication and elevation to a dish that we already believe to be great as it is.

We grill the flour tortillas for a warm, crispy exterior that’s sturdy enough to hold black beans, veggies, cheese, and of course THE BEEF. That delicious roasted beef tenderloin that we’ve been begging you to make? Yeah, you’re definitely going to thank us for this one once you understand just how right this crunch wrap feels. Served with a vibrant lime crema, this melty creation is kid-approved with flying colors.

If you’re late to the Beef Week party, this is just the invite you need to catch up on all the carnivorous details that you’ve missed. Spice up your next family taco night and give these a go, or make a bunch of them and slice them up into wedges for an easy and ultra-awesome Super Bowl appetizer. Whatever you do, don’t you dare be shy with the beef.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane