If you're going to do it big and prepare a delicious roasted beef tenderloin, then it's absolutely imperative that you have a game plan for the coming leftovers. And that's exactly why we've drafted up this genius re-purposing of leftover roast beef that might just even give the original a run for it's money. By frying the tenderloin, wrapping it up in a warm, buttery biscuit, and serving it with pickled red onions and mustard sauce, we create a balanced brunch or game day option that's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. We're firm believers that no beef should go to waste, and this mouthwatering recipe makes sure that it doesn't.
Photo: Alison Miksch
| Credit: Alison Miksch

In this second iteration of Beef Week festivities, we bring to you one of the best ways to utilize the perfect beef tenderloin, that we insisted upon you making, for a wow-worthy finger food to serve during the big game. If you’re going to go through the easy, but somewhat lengthy, process of fixing such an elegant, more-expensive-than-usual cut of meat, we want to make sure you get every last dollar out of that experience. And if that means country-frying the leftovers and sliding them into a warm, buttery biscuit, then that is just what we’ll do.

But seriously, these beef sliders are not just your basic, greasy, sports bar sliders. This comfort food classic takes soft, cloud-like biscuits and wraps them around juicy roast beef that's been country-fried to perfection for a glorious marriage of flaky carbs and rich fried meat. Served with a tangy mustard sauce to add a balancing touch of acidity, and perhaps topped off with pickled red onions for a sweet-sour pop of color and vibrancy, these sliders hit every note in the book.

Whether you’re serving them for an indulgent brunch or they’re destined to shine as a part of this year’s Super Bowl spread, these country-fried sliders are not to be taken lightly. While homemade biscuits are always something special, if you’re looking for a shortcut, just go ahead and opt for your favorite store-bought frozen biscuits. As long as you’re country-frying your exquisite tenderloin leftovers, we’re willing to turn a blind eye if the biscuits aren’t from-scratch.

Grab some helpers and get the slider assembly line going: biscuits, mustard sauce, fried beef, pickled onions, fresh herbs, voila! You have just repurposed your beautiful beef in the most creative, delicious way and to that, we raise up a glass to you, my beef-loving friends.

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By Sara Tane and Sara Tane