I was having a lazy Sunday evening a couple of months ago, and had just finished making a healthy, well-balanced dinner. In search of a nightcap, I happened upon a pint of ice cream in my freezer. Wine glass in hand, I had the great debate of alcohol vs. ice cream before landing on a little bit of both, which turned into a little more of both, which turned into an empty carton and about half a bottle of wine left. To my great joy, last month's Fancy Food Show featured two standout brands serving what I can only describe as the perfect product—boozy ice cream. Problem solved.


BuzzBarLos Angeles-born BuzzBar began selling alcohol-infused ice cream bars earlier this year to great response. Organic ice cream and liquor are mixed and covered in a dark chocolate coating in some seriously tasty adults-only dessert options. For the lactose-intolerant or chocolate-averse, BuzzBar also carries two sorbet options. My personal favorite is the Bourbon St. Chocolate, a simple combination of chocolate ice cream and a very healthy dose of whiskey. These taste strong, so I suggest choosing a flavor based on the liquor you find most palatable. You can find BuzzBar at a growing number of retailers throughout the country, including liquor stores, hotels, and various sports and music venues.


Mercer's Wine Ice CreamTo call Mercer's award-winning line of wine-infused ice cream wine-flavored would seriously be selling it short. Each carton of combined high-quality ice cream and hand-picked wine boasts up to a whopping 5% alcohol by volume. Buyer beware, a mindless ice cream binge while trolling Netflix may lead to a serious buzz. Flavors range from a new combination of Champagne and strawberry to chocolate and Cabernet. Did a craving for Peach White Zinfandel ice cream just hit? Mercer's ships!

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