If you've only used liquid ranch, you're missing out.

There’s no dressing more beloved than ranch, but there is so much more that a pouch Hidden Valley powder can add a little more zing to. If you’re not using it already, here are 26 reasons you should add ranch mix to your spice cabinet:

Mix it into ground beef for flavorful burgers.

Pre-cook casserole meat with it for a punch of flavor.

Stir it into mashed potatoes.

Sprinkle it on top of popcorn for some zest.

Dump a package in the slow cooker with some pot roast.

Mix it into flour or breadcrumbs for dredging.

Blend it into deviled egg filling.

Toss it into a batch of homemade roasted nuts.

Sprinkle it on top of macaroni and cheese.

Add it to sausage balls.

Mix it into plain Greek yogurt for a dip.

Mix it into your meatloaf.

Stir it into chicken salad.

Add it to your baked potato.

Put some extra pep in your stuffing.

Sprinkle a bit on your avocado toast.

Shake it over freshly-baked fries or tater tots.

Mix it into a pan of scrambled eggs.

Shake a dash on top of home fries.

Pep up your meatballs.

Add some excitement to goat cheese poppers.

Sprinkle it over a hot pizza.

Sneak it into a grilled cheese.

Add some zest to pasta or potato salad.

Use it as a substitute for garlic powder.

Stir it into a cheese ball.