This travel ritual is no yolk.
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Full disclosure here: I am definitely a morning person. Especially when it comes to travel, there’s something really exciting to me about setting an early alarm and leaving my house before the sun comes up to catch a flight. I understand that I’m surely in the minority here, but there is no denying that catching the first flight out for the day or hitting the roads before any other cars are out there is the best way to travel.

Because I am the way that I am, I never embark on a day of travelling without being fully equipped with plenty of food to keep me fueled (because traveling is boring as it is, and boredom matched with hunger is arguably the worst combo ever). Sure, there are plenty of food options at the airport or at gas stations along the interstate, but let’s be honest here—they’re never tasty, they’re always unhealthy, and they cost way more than they actually should. This is why, time and time again, I put my trust in the warm embrace of a quick and easy homemade egg sandwich.

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Now, if you think I’m crazy for even suggesting that you wake up even earlier than you already need to in order to fix yourself a gourmet breakfast sandwich, hear me out. It’s already an ungodly hour, so an extra 10 minutes isn’t going to kill you. Plus, it’s going to save you money while helping you get rid of the food you have left in your fridge before you take off for a week. Not to mention, you’re going to thank yourself immensely in about an hour when you scarf it down.

So here’s how it’s done. Grab two slices of bread and warm them in a toaster (if you want, you can opt for a wrap or tortilla, and go for a breakfast burrito). Whisk however many eggs you’re looking to eat (or have left in your fridge) with some salt, pepper, and a splash of milk (if you have it). Toss the egg mixture in an oiled or buttered skillet and start cooking it just like you would an omelet. At this point, you can let your imagination run free with what you choose to add. Cheese, bacon, sausage, veggies, or literally anything that you deem worthy of this perfect breakfast situation will work just fine. I usually scan my fridge to see what I’m working with the night before, so that when I’m a complete zombie over the stove the next morning, I have something of an idea of what I’m going to add. Once all the components are cooked through, go ahead and fold over the sides of the omelet so that it is somewhat rectangular and can fit between your two slices of bread.

If you like, give each slice of bread a generous smear of pesto, hot sauce, mayo, ketchup, or whatever condiment(s) in your fridge is speaking to you. Layer your folded omelet masterpiece, along with any additional uncooked toppings, like avocado or tomato slices. The key to this sandwich is that it shouldn’t be something that you run out the night before to the grocery store to buy ingredients for. Since you already have bread and eggs (you have that, right?), dress the rest of the sandwich up with the food that you need to get rid of. You don’t need to overcomplicate this.

Once she’s ready to go, slice her in half, wrap her up in some parchment paper and then aluminum foil (or just aluminum foil if that’s all you’ve got) and put this beauty in a safe place where she won’t get smushed (the horror!). If TSA is part of your travel day, don’t worry—they’re not going to bother you about a sandwich, although they’ll definitely be jealous.

Am I insane? Is this recommendation completely out of your wheelhouse of tasks that you would *actually* do when you’re fumbling with your luggage and trying to get out the door ASAP? Honestly, maybe—and for those of you that think this morning routine is completely unattainable, I insist that you at the very least give it a try. However, if it’s 1000% not for you, I wish you safe travels and hope that the greasy-soaked, $10 sausage and cheese croissant from Au Bon Pain is everything you wanted and more.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane