Can I be honest? I have a slow cooker and I've only used it once. Once. I made pulled pork. Our site has over 1,000 slow cooker recipes and I've made one. I should be ashamed, right? I'm part of the generation that is too lazy to walk across the room to an outlet to charge our phones, so the mere notion of lugging out an oversized piece of cookware and prepping dinner in the morning before work is exhausting. It saves you time in the long run, of course, and since I try to cook every night you'd think I would be more keen on the idea. But my slow cooker still sits in its box. Poor guy.

October is almost here and if cold weather doesn't motivate me to haul out that sucker, I don't know what will. But where to begin? So many slow cooker recipes, and so little time. It's football season, and where I'm from that means it's chili season. Chili sounds good right now, so I think I'll start with chili. Come to find that this Crock-Pot Chili is one of the top-rated recipes on our site. It's got beef, beans, bell peppers, and spices. That slow cooker is starting to look better and better.


Yep, it's looking reeeaaal good right about now.

You're telling me that 10 minutes of prep time in the morning can have me enjoying a big bowl of chili the minute I get home? It's too easy. If you don't believe me, see for yourself:



Slow cooker = magic.

Here are some more recipes I can't wait to try: