It’s not in your head.

There are three types of people in the world: Those who know soda tastes better from a glass bottle than a plastic one, people who’ve never tasted soda, and psychopaths.

The official ranking of soda containers goes like this:

  1. Glass bottle
  2. Aluminum can
  3. Literally anything else
  4. Plastic bottle

If you’re a sane person who has enjoyed a soda or two before, you may have wondered why the receptacle affects the taste of the product so much. Well, wonder no more—science has the answer:

1. Plastic bottles lose fizz quicker.

Plastic is much more CO2-permeable than glass and aluminum, according to a Reader’s Digest article, so the carbon dioxide (fizz) will leak out of a plastic bottle much faster than a glass bottle or can.

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2. Chemicals in the bottle give the soda a plastic-y taste.

Plastic bottles also have an acetaldehyde lining which is designed to stop interactions but also transfers into the flavor of the drink, according to Australia’s No. 1 news site.

3. Glass changes the flavor less than plastic or aluminum.

As the least chemically reactive of our three materials, glass doesn’t alter taste as much—so if you want to enjoy Coke the way it’s meant to be enjoyed, go for glass.