Planning to embark upon your first Whole 30? Here's your comprehensive stock-the-pantry list.
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As healthy resolution season rapidly approaches, many looking to make a change to their diet will attempt the popular month-long clean eating program known as Whole 30. The basic tenets of the paleo-inspired plan is to eliminate added sugar and sweeteners, alcohol, grains, dairy, soy, and legumes from the diet completely, while upping the intake of (preferably organic) meats, vegetables, and other natural ingredients.

While a large portion of your health-conscious meal plan will consist of perishable produce and meat you’ll have to buy fresh weekly, having a fully-stocked pantry of Whole 30 approved ingredients before embarking on your month of clean eating will make meal prep easier and your grocery lists shorter.

And for those hoping to stock up before the new year, who might find it difficult to carve out time during the holidays to hit up a number of natural and organic grocers, online marketplaces can be a great place to snag all of your essentials with a few clicks of the mouse.

We scoured Amazon for the Whole 30 pantry essentials that will make your life immensely easier when it comes time to get your clean eating on.

Fats and Oils

Pure Indian Foods Organic Ghee - This grass-fed and organic clarified butter (which contains no milk proteins, and is therefore allowed on the program) will be your best friend when it comes to preparing dishes that typically call for standard, dairy-rich butter.

Viva Naturals Virgin Coconut Oil and Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil - While standard extra-virgin olive oil is Whole 30 approved, sticking to one kind of oil for most meals will get tiresome. Switch up your ingredients with these organic coconut and avocado oils, which will provide a change of flavor and added nutrients to your dishes.

Fatworks Duck Fat Oil - Pure animal fats, like this indulgent premium duck fat oil, are a great cooking option for when you want to add a savory boost to your meat and vegetable dishes.

Smart Replacements

Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk - Whole 30 enthusiasts swear by this fatty coconut milk in order to make creamy recipes sans-dairy. This canned Thai mixture, which is made specifically for cooking (unlike the kind you’d find in the refrigerator section), will be your new addiction.

Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Aminos - Though soy products aren’t allowed during Whole 30, this popular stand-in—made from a nutrient rich sap tapped from coconut trees—is a reliable flavor alternative to your standard soy sauce.

La Croix Sparkling Water - For those who crave a carbonated beverage fix, it’s needless to say that most sodas and flavored sparkling waters are out due to the added sugar—both real and artificial. Luckily, these naturally fruit-flavored carbonated waters (with a serious cult following) are program approved.

Bob’s Red Mill Tapioca Flour - While one of the rules of Whole 30 is to not attempt to recreate indulgent baked goods and doughs, like cake and pizza crust, with alternative flours, Bob’s Red Mill’s gluten-free flour options, like this one made from tapioca, are great for thickening sauces and other recipes that call for small amounts of the powder.

Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer - For those who can’t stand their morning coffee without a touch of creamer, this unsweetened, dairy-free blend made with almonds and coconuts will be a life-saving alternative.

Pure Natural Nutritional Yeast - Vegans have sworn by this natural ingredient for years for having a distinctly cheesy flavor without the actual dairy. Sprinkle nutritional yeast on plates of zoodles with marinara sauce, Mexican fajita bowls with cauliflower rice, or any other dish that could use a cheese supplement.

Dressings and Dips

Tessamae’s All Natural Whole30 Pack - These all-natural dressings and condiments will be a staple of your Whole 30, particularly for those tackling the diet for the first time looking to ease into the program without worrying about prepping a ton of custom dressings. From Whole 30 approved BBQ sauce and ketchup to a number of tasty salad dressings, you’ll be all set for dressing up just about any dish.

Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing - Primal Kitchen, a brand beloved by paleo eaters and Whole 30 enthusiasts everywhere, makes a number of natural condiments, including this creamy Ranch dressing made with avocado oil.

Mia Bella Balsamic Vinegar - While basic balsamics will be useful in sauces and dressings, a higher-end, premium quality balsamic like Mia Bella will be so good you’ll want to eat it straight over your avocado, salads, and even strawberries.

Newman’s Own Salsa - While many store-bought salsas contain sweeteners and other additives, Newman’s Own makes an affordable and completely Whole 30 compliant product.

Tahini - This paste, a Middle Eastern favorite made from ground sesame seeds, is great for dipping and drizzling over salads and other Mediterranean inspired dishes.


Annie’s Organic Mustard - While many Dijon mustards are Whole 30 approved, some contain sugar and other banned ingredients. Stick to organic brands like Annie’s, and always make sure to read the label before adding any condiment to your cart.

Artisana Organic Almond Butter - Although peanut butter isn’t allowed during Whole 30—as the peanuts are technically legumes, not nuts—you can get your fix with organic almond butter. You’ll know you’re getting a quality all-natural mix when the label only lists one ingredient: almonds.

Primal Kitchen Mayo - This paleo-friendly brand also makes a Whole 30 approved mayonnaise from avocado oil, which is popular with many of the program’s followers.


While some experienced Whole 30 enthusiasts stick to making their own broth to avoid the added ingredients that are often snuck into store-bought products, including dextrose and MSG, some organic brands like Bare Bones and Bonafide Provisions make blends that are ready to heat and eat.

Hot Sauce

Franks Red Hot, Tabasco, and Cholula - Though there are plenty of off-limits hot sauces on the market, as many of them contain sugar and other additives, these three favorites are safe to use on your egg dishes and beyond. Note that only the “original” flavor of each of these sauces is Whole 30 approved; other flavor varieties likely contain unapproved ingredients.

Canned Fish

When you’re in a time crunch and in need of a protein boost, these canned fish brands will be a reliable mid-day ingredient. Sprinkle the fish over your greens, or make a tuna salad with paleo mayonnaise.

Crown Prince Anchovies in Olive Oil - Though not everyone is a fan of this intensely fishy ingredient, canned anchovies are a great option for topping salads and giving sauces and dressings a hit of concentrated umami flavor.

Other useful ingredients:

Kiva Organic Chia Seeds - When you get sick of eggs every single morning, this health food standby will come to your rescue. Make overnight chia puddings with almond milk and fruit to enjoy when you rise.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar - This useful pantry staple will be great when creating custom dressings, or for adding a hit of brightness and funk to a dish.

Miur Glen Canned Tomatoes - When peak tomato season has long past, canned tomatoes are likely your best option. Organic brands, like Miur Glen, are reliably free of added sugar or other non-Whole 30 ingredients.


Raw Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts, and Pistachios - Though the Whole 30 program notes that it’s important not to use nuts as a snacking surrogate for the crunchy chips and crackers you usually eat impulsively—nuts are a great way to get in some protein on the go and in-between meals. Buy in bulk to save money, keep an eye out for unapproved oils, and remember that peanuts aren’t allowed on the plan.


RXBARS -These protein bars, which proudly list their short list of natural ingredients on the front of their packaging, are completely Whole 30 approved for quick snacking (the peanut butter flavor is the only exception).

Woodstock Organic Kosher Pickles and Jeff’s Naturals Garlic-Stuffed Olives - These pickled vegetables, prepared in sugar-free brines, are a flavorful, healthy snack that you can nosh on between your heartier meals.