Join us in reflecting on the food-related happenings that caught our editors’ attention over the past 7 days—things that taught us something new, made us laugh out loud, got us excited, or prodded us to think a little deeper. This week, we’re talking about beef, the Super Bowl, avocados, and ice cream. Get in on it.
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As far as I’m concerned, what we learned in food this week can be concisely summed up in three words: Beef is beautiful. In case you missed it, the past week was Beef Week on MyRecipes—which was largely our way of getting ourselves hyped for Super Bowl grubbing, but also just an excuse for us to celebrate (i.e. eat and talk about) red meat for 7 consecutive days. Look, I know it’s kind of brash given what’s currently in vogue right now with Internet food trends, but I think a succulent hunk of beef is a beautiful, special treat worth applauding (for an entire week). Sorry not sorry. Plus, we learned so much during beef week… techniques for tenderizing virtually any cut of beef, the visual cues for when your steak/burger is done, how the mother of all meatloaves was born, and how to make the perfect smoothie.

OK, that last one was kind of random and not super beefy. But we did in fact learn about it during the course of Beef Week 2017.

But OK, beyond beef, next weekend is indeed Super Bowl weekend and whether or not you give a flying flip about sports (I personally do not), it’s a big eating occasion. Wanna know what the most popular item people are looking to eat for Super Bowl is in your state? Check out this nationwide roster of the most searched for Super Bowl foods, according to Google. Apparently my state is really into (or just really curious about?) porchetta… which I’m kind of having a hard time believing. Anyway, in addition to it being a big event for eating, it’s a huge event for drinking. And this year, after you’ve downed your share of craft beer, Tostitos has got your back. To encourage safe Super Bowling, they have a new chip bag that will tell you when you’re drunk and need to put your a$$ in an Uber. But packaging advances designed to help the you live your best life do not end with chips this week—oh no, guacamole is covered too. Of course, that’s not the main reason avocados have been up in everyone’s news feeds this week. Just one more reason avocado toast isn’t as cool as it used to be.

The other very important topic this week (and really, every week): ice cream. Our good pals Ben and Jerry are blessing us with three new ice cream flavors in February. While no one denies that B&J is a superfood for the soul, it’s dietary merits are debated by some (weirdos)… but what about this purple ice cream, is that healthy? Well, even if it’s not, these Girl Scout-flavored pancakes are—redemption! And obviously, you can’t have cookie inspired pancakes without coffee, here’s the best grocery store brand to grab.

My parting advice to you is this—take care of your plumbing. Don’t put cooking oil (or these other 9 items) down the drain and try to avoid swallowing 35 sticks of cinnamon flavored chewing gum on a daily basis. With that, I think we’re done here. Be sure to come back next week for a recap and insights on the week that was, and check out our Facebook page for even more of the food content you crave, dished out daily.

By Darcy Lenz and Darcy Lenz