Join us in a reflection on the food-related happenings that caught our editors’ attention over the past 7 days—things that taught us something new, made us laugh out loud, got us excited, or prodded us to think a little deeper. This week, we’re reflecting on #SaltBae, Jackie Kennedy’s waffles, roses made of beef, and so much more.
Jackie Kennedy Waffle Recipe image
Jackie Kennedy Waffle Recipe image
| Credit: Robert Lachman via Getty images

May this week in food be forever remembered as the week of Salt Bae’s rising. I remember the night, less than two years ago, a waiter at a Tex-Mex restaurant inserted himself into the conversation I was having with my best friend and then boyfriend to explain what “BAE” meant (the acronym stands for before anyone else). At that point, never would I ever have guessed the Internet-speak term—which was seemingly a little tricky to use appropriately, both in terms of real life priorities and grammar—would become as widely accepted as legitimate communication as WTF? I just never saw this coming.

And this this salt sprinkling spark that lit a meme wildfire, I believe, appropriately characterizes our team’s food findings and musings from the past 7 days—random AF, but thought provoking.

A week that essentially started when we were all reborn with empathy and Pippin apples ranking way higher on our priorities lists, went on to raise many very important questions...

How many cups of powdered sugar are you getting in a box? Speaking of sugar, how am I gonna make sure King Cake shows up at the office this Mardi Gras? OK, and if we're thinking about cake and sugar, naturally, we're gonna wonder about butter. But then, there's ghee—is it actually better to cook with/consume than plain butter? And what if I don't really want to cook with added fat at all, is sous vide something I should care about? Regardless of how we cook, it seems like we're constantly cooking chicken... is there such a thing as eating too much chicken?? Maybe we should break from chicken and really get to know pork a little better. What's the difference between guanciale and prosciutto, anyway?

Beyond the answers to these pressing questions, we found a couple of intriguing edible renditions of items that are not traditionally, well… edible. Like functional watches made of cheese and floral bouquets made of beef jerky (P.S. I may be gifting both of these items to myself on V-day this year, with zero shame).

Obama’s farewell address got us thinking about food in the White House—what does a president eat anyway? We took a walk down memory lane with some of the Obama family’s most memorable food moments, read up on the history of the inauguration meal, and happened to find that Jackie Kennedy made awesome waffles.

As usual, we all got money on our minds and went hunting for (easy) ways to save money at the grocery store, including delving into the best coupon-ing apps and tactful shopping at Trader Joe’s. Personally, I just want to set save up enough to make a few extra trips to NYC this year once this Golden Girls themed restaurant opens. (To Michael J. LaRue, the man behind this gift to the world—thank you for being a friend.) Also, not necessarily budget related, but just a general pro-tip for next time you hit the grocery aisles—don’t throw a package of mushrooms in your cart thinking it’s bacon, because it’s not.

Even as we move deeper into the month of January, our staff is continuing to seek and embrace little opportunities for life betterment in the kitchen and would encourage you to do the same. Taking intentional strides to create a sense of calm in the kitchen is a great place to start, because zen is so in. Then, consider a few ways you can challenge yourself to be a better cook. You (most likely) won’t regret it if you do.

Be sure to come back next week for a recap and insights on the week that was, and check out our Facebook page for even more of the food content you crave, dished out daily.

By Darcy Lenz and Darcy Lenz