Feeling the drag from watered down iced coffee? If you're a slow sipper like us, we feel your pain. If you're not doubling the strength of your brew before you make a cup on the rocks, then you're not maximizing that great slow roasted coffee flavor we all love and need to get us through the day. When daunting deadlines are a thing of the past and we're not drinking as much coffee as we would during crunch time, what to do with that leftover pot? And how do we avoid a watered-down dilemma? We have finally found the solution to all of our caffeine problems. So, this is the part where you ask, "what's the greatest invention since roasted bean brew?" Iced coffee, literally. You could pour your extra Joe down the drain after it's been sitting out a bit too long... or, just like red wine, you could freeze it into ice cubes.

Just as instructed with the wine cubes, you'll want to be careful pouring your coffee into an ice cube tray... it can be a messy task. Try not to fill to the brim; this will avoid spills and overlapping cubes. Also, since these are going in the freezer, cover with plastic wrap to guarantee long-lasting freshness. This will prevent any crystallization from forming on the top. Once frozen, these portioned little brewed cubes are perfect for any leftover coffee and finally putting an end to watery iced coffee.

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