Learn how to tie a stuffed pork roast securely so the stuffing mixture doesn’t fall out.To tie a stuffed pork loin roast, you’ll need a ball of kitchen twine and some scissors. Place the roast on a cutting board or other flat surface. Hold the twine taut and slide it underneath one end of the roast. To make sure you have enough twine, work with the entire ball, then cut off the twine when you have finished tying the roast.Pull the string very tightly around the roast and make a square knot, making sure that there is ample twine on one side of the knot.Place your thumb on the twine one inch from the first knot. With your thumb holding the twine firmly, wrap it around the roast. Lift the corner you just created at your thumb and pass the ball of twine under the lifted piece. Pull the twine upwards to tighten the hold.Continue the process of wrapping and tying until the roast is completely tied, keeping the twine at evenly spaced intervals. Once the entire roast has been tied, it should feel very tight.Once it feels secure, turn the roast over and pull enough twine to run the length of the roast, plus about 2 inches. Cut the twine, and turn the roast back over.Pass the end of the twine underneath the original knot, and pull tightly. Tie another knot in the twine to secure the end to the first knot. Snip off any excess twine.    If there is any stuffing coming out of the end, just push it back into the roast with your fingers.    Now the roast is ready to be cooked according to the recipe directions.