Cook your pork quickly with these techniques.A quick and easy tip for preparing pork tenderloin is to slice the tenderloin and then pound the slices into thin pieces.  The pounding will tenderize the meat, and, because the pieces are thin, they will cook quickly.First cut the tenderloin crosswise into ½-inch slices using a sharp knife.  Place the slices of pork on a cutting board and cover with a sheet of plastic wrap or wax paper. The plastic wrap keeps the pounder or mallet from sticking to the meat. You can pound several slices of meat at the same time rather than covering and pounding each piece of meat separately. Using a meat pounder, pound the slices of pork to a ¼-inch thickness. If you don’t have a meat pounder, you can use a meat mallet or a wooden rolling pin.  You can also pound the slices of pork tenderloin using the heel of your hand.  Be sure to pound each piece to an even thickness so it will cook evenly.  Get the Recipe: Crispy Pork Medallions