With a few useful knife tips and techniques, learn how to prepare, slice, and chop bell peppers with ease in this instructional video. But first things first, start by removing the seeds and membranes in just a few simple steps. To make thin strips of bell pepper, start by cutting a thin slice off the stem end and the bottom of the pepper. Cut the pepper in half vertically, and scrape out all of the seeds and membranes. Place each pepper half, skin side down, on the cutting board, and slice it into thin strips. Keep the blade tip on the cutting board while pushing the blade through the pepper. To chop or dice the pepper, turn the strips sideways so they’re at a right angle to the knife blade, and then cut the strips into the size that is specified in the recipe.  Get the Recipe: Beef-and-Chicken Fajitas with Peppers and Onions
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