Discover a new trick for removing the hull from fresh strawberries.1. To prepare fresh strawberries, first clean them by placing them in a colander and gently rinsing under cold water before you remove the stems.  Or you can just wipe them off with a wet paper towel.2. After washing them, immediately pat them dry with a paper towel.3. To remove the stems, hold the berry between your thumb and forefinger. Hold the stem between you thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand. Twist each hand in an opposite direction to loosen the stem and the hull, or core, and then pull them out.4. You can also just cut them stem and hull out with a paring knife or use a strawberry huller.   If you don’t have a strawberry huller, you can remove the center of the berry using a plastic drinking straw.  Insert the straw into the end of the strawberry that’s opposite the stem end, and push gently.5. To halve a strawberry, place it on a cutting board with the stem side down. Starting at the pointed end, cut down through the middle of the berry.  I don’t think we showed this. Will delete from script if we do not have it. ACC6. To slice strawberries, place the whole strawberry on a cutting board with the stem side down. Cut slices of desired thickness, starting on one side of the berry. Get the Recipe: Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing
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