After over 3 years toggling between both brands, our incredibly talented multimedia editor is moving on from MyRecipes and Cooking Light to pursue new adventures. And while she may no longer be physcially with us in the office after today, we will always have (and continue to drive traffic with) the incredible videos she's produced for us. Here are a handful of our favorites.
Easy Candied Citrus Peels
Credit: Kelsey Harrison; Styling: Emma Crist

Rebecca Longshore, multimedia editor extraordinaire and the creative force behind many of our top videos, is leaving the nest here at Cooking Light and MyRecipes to direct social media for our sister brand Real Simple. We’re going to miss this fierce woman for lots of reasons: her innovative, plant-based recipes, her production of more than 60 minutes of Facebook Live video a week, and yes, even her obsession for spaghetti squash in all of its guises and insane tales of 5:30 AM Iron Tribe workouts. Thanks for all of your incredible work, Rebecca, and for helping us share good food with millions of home cooks every day. Here's a look at some of our favorite videos that you produced.

Quiche in a Sweet Potato Crust

This may be the work you're best known for. We'd go so far as to say, the Longshore magic really all started right here.

Lemon-Grilled Chicken

Because no one knows better than you do, chicken always wins. Especially when you show it raw.

Magical Blender Muffins

This one attests to what a freakishly epic morning person you are... I mean, you would make nutritious, gluten-free muffins (an idea that has "Saturday morning baking project" written all over it) into a quick and easy weekday-friendly breakfast.

Chicken with Brussels Sprouts

Seriously, if we've learned anything from you, it's that you can literally never have enough chicken or Brussels sprouts.

Candied Citrus Peels

To us, this ever-popular video is such a statement to your style; you continually remind us, simplicity wins.