Learn two ways to mince fresh parsley.To mince fresh parsley, first remove the leaves from the stems.  You can pick the leaves from the stems with your fingers, or, if you’re starting with a bunch of parsley, it’s quicker to use your knife to remove the leaves.  It’s OK if you have a few stems mixed in with the leaves, because the stems at the top are tender.Another quick and easy way to mince parsley is to use kitchen scissors to chop it directly into a measuring cup. This way you don’t have to get out a cutting board.  If you only need a small amount of parsley, measure what you need out of the measuring cup.Place the leaves in a pile, and chop, by rocking the knife handle up and down with one hand, and letting the fingertips of the other hand rest lightly on the end of the blade, to hold it on the cutting board. It’s important to use a sharp knife so that you’re cutting the parsley instead of just mashing it. Scrape the herbs into a pile as you chop. Continue until the parsley is coarsely chopped.  If the recipe calls for finely chopped parsley, just keep going. Get the Recipe: Italian Chard Stuffing