To get the best-tasting coffee, grind your own beans in a coffee grinder.To grind coffee, remove the lid from the coffee grinder and fill the container with the desired amount of coffee beans. (or fill the container with coffee beans.) Place the top back on the grinder and press the grind button.  Grind until the coffee is the desired ground, either coarse, medium or fine.  Not all grinders have a coarseness setting, so you'll need to experiment with how long to grind to get the desired texture. Remove the lid and pour the ground coffee into a bowl or other container.Coarsely-ground coffee has very distinct, chunky particles of coffee resembling the texture of heavy-grained kosher salt. Use a coarse grind in vacuum coffee pots, percolators, and a French press.Medium grind coffee is gritty, like coarse sand.  Use a medium grind in drip coffee makers with a flat-bottom filter.Fine-ground coffee is smoother to the touch, and a little finer than granulated sugar or table salt. Use a fine grind for drip coffee makers with cone filters. Espresso machines need an extra-fine grind, which is finer than sugar, but not quite powdered. Get the Recipe: Tahitian Coffee