1. De-clutter your counters. You need room to work, so open up that precious real estate. Maybe you can mount the microwave under the cabinets. Maybe you can move the telephone and phone books to another room. Or maybe you can put away that big fruit bowl until it's actually filled with fruit.


2. De-clutter your drawers. Don't dig for measuring spoons; organize those drawers--especially your knife drawer! You can get a nasty cut digging through it when you're looking for a vegetable peeler or a can opened. Besides, knives should never be stored free-floating in a drawer. Buy a knife holder made for drawers. Or keep the knives in a block on the counter.


3. Consider hanging your pots and pans. A rack is a great way to organize your cookware, always right within reach. As a bonus, you won't stack nonstick skillets or pans on top of each other, which is a good way to nick them and render them ineffective.