If ever there was a cheesecake that looked like it was made for royalty, this might be it. With a crown of lovely glazed strawberries atop a creamy cheesecake, you'll be eating dessert like a king or queen after the first bite. Just be sure not to start treating the rest of us like lowly peasants right away, ok? It's easy this month to get carried away with great cakes like this, because this month's The Daily Cake round up is just top-notch. Follow along each day as we navigate you through an oasis of delicious cakes, confections, notorious cheesecakes, and some awesome cakes for special occasions. And yes, we definitely consider satisfying your sweet tooth on a Tuesday night while you binge watch your favorite shows as a special occasion. Don't worry, we've got your back. And while we're on the topic of cheesecakes, be sure to check out this collection of some of our favorites, and also this fabulous recipe for a Cheesecake Factory original down below.

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