There’s something magical about gathering around a blazing campsite fire, taking in the beautiful scenery surrounding you, and enjoying a meal with your friends and family. And luckily, that meal doesn’t have to come out of a can. It can easily be just as delicious and nourishing as the ones you create in your kitchen at home.

By Oxmoor House
Updated July 20, 2017
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Credit: BeckyLuigartStayner

Coleman The Outdoor Adventure Cookbook is filled with easy to prepare campsite meals that will take your outdoor meals to the next level using simple but innovative cooking techniques. Here are just three of the potentially surprising dishes you can create in the great outdoors:

Apple-Cinnamon French Toast Strata

Starting your morning off strong with a hearty breakfast meal is an essential part of any outdoor adventure. The technique used in this recipe allows you to create your own campsite oven using everyday cookware. A cast-iron Dutch oven, your camping stove, and 6 squares of foil can create the perfect outdoor oven that will bake your strata to sweet perfection.

Credit: Iain Bagwell

Iain Bagwell

S'mores Cookie Cake

When it comes to camping, s’mores are an enduring favorite. The S'mores Cookie Cake takes this well-loved dessert up a level by pairing the classic ingredients with a cookie base that is soft and gooey when warmed, but firms up after cooling. It tastes just as good as your traditional campfire s'more, without the risk of scorched marshmallows and burned fingers.

Credit: Caitlin Bensel

Caitlin Bensel

Campfire-Grilled Brussels Sprouts Salad with Bacon and Cider Vinaigrette

Never underestimate how creative you can get with your dishes while camping. This salad tosses in bacon, cider vinaigrette, and fresh herbs to produce a flavorful sweet and tangy balance with a soft crunch. Bonus tip: Hardy Brussels sprouts fare much better on a camping trip than lettuce, making it the ideal salad to serve on your trip.

Credit: Iain Bagwell

Iain Bagwell

For more wow-worthy outdoor meals and expert camping advice, pick up Coleman: The Outdoor Adventure Cookbook.