Regular old ice is SO last year.

Most of us don’t freeze our own ice these days—we have handy ice makers attached to our freezers that take care of that for us.

But that doesn’t mean ice cube trays are obsolete. Save yourself time and money by freezing some of your most used ingredients. For instance:

1. Lemon juice

Trust us—whether you’re adding some flavor to your tea or making chicken piccata, you’ll reach for frozen lemon juice cubes more often than you think.

2. Herbs

Have fresh herbs at the ready at any point in the year by freezing them in olive oil.

3. Wine

Not gonna finish that bottle tonight? Freeze your leftover wine to use down the road in recipes that call for a splash of vino.

4. Coffee

Never drink watered down iced coffee again!

Credit: Spauln/Getty Images

5. Pesto

Next time you whip up a batch of pesto, make some extra to freeze for future use.

6. Aloe

What feels better on a sunburn than aloe? Frozen aloe.

7. Bacon grease

Whatever you do, don’t throw your bacon grease away. Freeze it and use it to add flavor to your dinner, or even to season a new cast-iron pan.

8. Brown butter

We’ve touted the magical properties of brown butter before—once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to be without it.

9. Stock

Your soups will thank you.

10. Egg yolks

Have a recipe that just calls for egg whites? Don’t waste those yolks! Stash ‘em in the freezer for later.