Brunch is the best meal of the day. Not every day, mind you, because we'd all weigh about 5 million pounds if we ate brunch 7 days a week. But on the weekends, brunch is a decadent, sweet and savory feast (and a mighty fine excuse to drink in the morning) that everyone can get on board with.

Holiday brunches are even better, especially when they involve tacky sweaters and white elephant gift exchanges. Imagine it--holiday music playing, snow falling outside, and bacon sizzling as guests arrive, fully prepared to partake in an indulgent smorgasbord. Yes, yes, and more yes.

Seeing this recipe for Praline Pull-Apart Bread made me want brunch, like now. Have you ever seen anything looking more sugary, doughy, and delicious? It would make the perfect centerpiece for a holiday brunch, and you could even decorate it with cranberries and mint leaves around the base to resemble a holly wreath. Pair it with an eggy casserole, crispy bacon, a winter fruit salad, and warm libations to keep everyone jolly. Check out the video below to see how to make Praline Pull-Apart Bread, and then see the menu for what I consider the ultimate holiday brunch:



The Ultimate Holiday Brunch Menu