By Darcy Lenz
August 03, 2016
Photo: Getty Images

Let's cut to the chase, sweetened condensed milk is everything. Second only to canned tuna, sweetened condensed milk is the canned food item that has the greatest positive impact on my daily life. And here are 13 sweetened condensed examples that drive that point home. 


1. Power beverages.

I'm mostly talking highly caffeinated but delicious drinks. The likes of a Vietnamese coffee. But even better than plain Vietnamese coffee is is the bubbly twist we put on it with mineral water... the Vietnamese Coffee Fizz. This is the epitome of refreshing, deliciously chuggable caffeination, all brought to you by sweetened condensed milk. But hey--beyond being a vehicle for coffee, SCM can serve to deliver any number of other great and powerful beverage things, like rum or avocados.


Vietnamese Coffee Fizz


2. It makes savory things better too.

Case in point: These Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken Tenders with Sesame Dipping Sauce, which utilize sweetened condensed both in the brine for the chicken (along with red curry) and in the addictive, sweet-salty soy and sesame dipping sauce. Real talk though, this is one of the best fried chicken situations I've ever found myself in, and I want to pour that sauce over everything. I would suggest tossing chicken wings in it if you want to lead a good and happy life.


Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken Tenders with Sesame Dipping Sauce


3. I mean, have you ever had key lime pie?


Foolproof Key Lime Pie


I have no idea WTF this is or why you'd call it a salad... but I think I love it. And I know it wouldn't be possible without the power of sweetened condensed milk.


21st-Century Green Top Salad


5. It makes making ice cream foolproof.

No custard-cooking, or curdling, or any of that mess. Just dumping and blending your way to creamy dreamy frozen bliss. Thank you, SCM.


Strawberry-Basil Ice Cream


6. Beyond making ice cream-making easier, it makes ice cream-eating better (as a topping).

Drizzle sweetened condensed milk over your favorite scoop or over other icy treats for a next level frozen dessert experience.



7. Magic cookie bars are called "magic" for a reason.



8. It is a fundamental pillar in Tres Leches Cake's existence.

And where would we be without three milks cake? No where I wanna be, that's for sure.



9. It is the key to the easiest chocolate fondue you'll ever make.


Chocolate-Almond Fondue


10. With only 4 other ingredients, sweetened condensed milk transforms into toasty and wonderful macaroons.


Chocolate-and-Almond Macaroons


11. It totally defies expectation by showing up in LEMONADE.

Milk in lemonade?? Come on, who saw that coming? I sure as sh*t didn't. And OK, I guess this is technically limeade... it's just called lemonade. Even still, sweetened condensed milk always seems to find its way into places where no other milk dares to venture to spread sweetened condensed joy.


Brazilian "Lemonade"


12. It makes healthy food--like oatmeal--taste less healthy.


Chai Spice and Pear Oatmeal


13. It's one of the only canned items you can eat straight from the can with a spoon and it's not even kind of gross. It is, in fact, miraculously delightful.