Hello Dolly BarsYou may not have heard of Hello Dolly Bars, but how about 7 Layer Bars? Or Magic Bars? All three of these names refer to the same indulgent bar cookie with a buttery graham cracker crust and layers of chocolate, butterscotch, pecans, and coconut. And no matter what you grew up calling them, they're downright delicious. I have had an obsession with these bars ever since my Grammy first presented them to me as an after-dinner treat. She called them 7 Layer Bars. I ate one which quickly turned into three as I applauded my Grammy's excellent baking skills. "Well, shug," she said in her distinctive accent, a mix between a Southern belle and a British royal, "they're not much." Grammy has a habit of downplaying her cooking, even though her traditional Southern dishes are loved by everyone in our family. Needless to say, I made sure to sneak in another 7 Layer Bar before heading to bed that night. She's made them for me every year since then.

These bars make a lovely addition to a holiday dessert spread or a winter bake sale. Bake a second batch for a family in need, your local firemen, or a nonprofit that's done some good in your community. Today is Veterans' Day, so why not make a batch for someone who served so that you could be free? It's a small token of appreciation, but it speaks volumes. Our simple how-to video shows you the "magic" behind the Magic Bars, or whatever you wish to call them: