It's FINALLY getting warm here in Georgia, and not a moment too soon. Last week we experienced temps in the mid-70s, and everyone and their brother came out of the wood works to soak up the rays. It's only on sunny days that you realize just how many neighbors you have! My husband and I have already dusted off the grill (eager, much?). We made a lovely little outdoor supper while we watched the sky turn pink and hazy at dusk. It's hard not to be happy on perfect nights like those.

If you live in parts of the country where the sun hasn't decided to thaw out your neighborhood yet, don't worry. Our best-ever recipe for pulled pork doesn't require a grill or a smoker, just your trusty slow cooker. The meat cooks for hours until it's fork-tender; then it's shredded and returned to the slow cooker to simmer in a sweet and smoky barbecue sauce. Serve it on soft buns with slaw and corn on the cob. Even if it's still too cold to eat outside, this meal will take you to your (warm) happy place.