Everyone has their own opinion to the kind of cupcake they prefer, but did you know that many believe there is proper cupcake etiquette on how to eat it? I mean a cupcake is just a cupcake, right? Nope. According to the majority of mini cake aficionados, a cupcake is only as good as your eating method. Not only that, but did you know how you dive into your cupcake can say a lot about your personality? So... how do you cupcake?

Method #1 The Traditionalist (cake on bottom, icing on top)

Mile-High Coconut Cupcakes

You like to keep it classic; structure is important to you; and you're not one to break too many rules (ever).

Pros:Since this is the messiest of all cupcake consumption, the best part is licking the icing -- mmm... finger-licking good!

Cons:The only downside to this method is the cake to icing ratio. If you're not swift diver, you'll end up with nose full of icing. Let's be honest, most of us end up looking like a snow cone melting in Phoenix afterwards!


Method #2 The Analyst (Cut in half Sandwich-style, icing in the middle)


You think outside the cupcake box; you're a problem-solver; you prefer balance and symmetry (maybe at times a bit OCD) as opposed to asymmetry or disproportion.

Pros:Even ratio of cake to frosting in every bite. With less mess than traditional, this cupcake sandwich is easier to handle. Just twist or using a knife cut off the bottom portion of the cupcake and place it on top to make a cupcake "sandwich."

Cons:This technique often makes the cupcake very fragile. Do not attempt to eat to eat this at home.... without a plate underneath to catch the crumbs!

Method #3 The Conservatist (with a fork)

Lime Sherbet Cupcakes

You are quite conservative, reserved, and a bit shy; you don't often take risks; you value cleanliness and order.

Pros:Mashed up in a bowl or one forked-bite at a time, the fork method is far less messy than any other technique. If you use a spoon, well that's just bad cupcake manners.

Cons:Unless you tote plasticware around with you, you're definitely limiting your cupcake indulgence.

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