We headed to Reddit to find the ingredients that chefs and home cooks alike struggle with in the kitchen. Before you groan that there's another social media platform for you to follow, check out what Reddit is all about and you may find you like their style. Redditors post questions, thoughts, or comments and everyone in the community either votes them up or down, so the best answers rise to the top.

This Reddit thread asked, "What is the hardest ingredient to cook with in a recipe?"

Spoiler Alert: Livers are hard. (But they don't have to be!)

Spoiler Alert: Livers are hard. (But they don't have to be!)

We expected the classics, which this Redditor basically nailed:


But when you broke it down by ingredient, the list stretched far beyond souffles and sauces. Boy, were we in for a surprise.

1. Tarragon


We get it--tarragon can be overwhelming, but it can also be wonderful. We're partial to this recipe:

2. Fish


3. Liver


4. Rabbit


5. Eggs


What do you think about the top five? Are your biggest kitchen challenges featured here, or did Reddit miss a few big ones?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel