There are some really, really tasty ways to whip up a chicken salad that people always swear by. Everyone has their tried and true recipe that they love to stick with. Whether you're using pecans, grapes, or another tasty special ingredient, there's a recipe for everyone. This is easy to see by checking out our collection of favorite chicken salad recipes ever. There's usually alway a beginning to where those traditions started. Your grandma might have her own notorious recipe, your friend has her family's favorite, and sometimes even your local grocery store has the best batch of chicken salad you've ever tasted that you then rave about to everyone you know and try to replicate in your own kitchen (with or without success) . Well, today we're going to highlight a really great way to prepare a chicken salad, one of our current favorites, that doesn't require mayonnaise at all and includes fresh blueberries and greens.

Creamy Blueberry Chicken Salad

By using greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise, we're gaining probiotics and protein, without losing any of the creaminess. The blueberries offer sweet and tart notes that pair perfectly with the arugula greens for an antioxidant-packing punch. And of course, if you're starting with an already prepared rotisserie chicken, you're looking at only about 10 minutes of actual prep time before you can chow down. This makes for a great take-to-work lunch that beats any salad you'd get at a fast food joint, hands down. Speaking of which, have you heard about those salads from McDonald's that boast more calories, fat, and sodium than the Big Macs? Pretty crazy, right? I mean, I'm guilty-as-charged, salads from Wendy's and Chick-Fil-A are sometimes a staple for me. But hopefully, information like this will make people become more aware that salads from fast food joints aren't necessarily as chock full of the good stuff as they seem to appear. It's always worth it to be aware of what we're eating. Anyway, I'm already planning on when I'm going to make this chicken salad recipe at home, so definitely check out the video below and add these few simple ingredients to your shopping list this week. Also, worth it to note here, if you're a fan of grapes instead of blueberries, or if blueberries are too expensive where you are, substitute away!