There are a few quintessential summer treats that make the cut every year at all the family get-togethers, pool parties, birthday parties, weddings, and picnics. One of those desserts happens to be one of my favorite sweet treats because it's so simple, easy, and delicious. Yep, we're talking about Strawberry Shortcakes today, aka the fluffy, sweet, satisfying dessert that's perfect to enjoy when strawberries are in season, and also when there is plenty of whipped cream to go around. This recipe makes enough servings for six, so be sure to share with friends and family!

Can't get enough of strawberry desserts? You're totally not alone. Earlier this month we ventured into the magical land of strawberry yumminess and were definitely not disappointed. To look back at some of those great strawberry sensations, be sure to check them out here! And if you want, you can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show us your latest creations and find some more cooking inspiration this summer. Happy cooking, everybody!

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