Are you ready for Halloween? Whether it's tricks or treats, or anything in between, our friend JK Denim of Koalipops has a fantastic lineup of Halloween-themed treats this year, starting out with these awesome Chocolate Apple Eyeballs.

These fun spooky eyeballs are so easy to create. All you need to get your decorating chops going is some white candy melts, icing, fondant, and Mini Oreos.

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Think you're up to the task? Well don't stop there, we've got so many other ghastly and ghoulish Halloween ideas for your next party this year, so be sure to check out some of our favorites below!

Spooky Candy-Coated Apples
Red-Velvet Cake Balls with White Chocolate

Can't get enough Halloween treats? Neither can we, especially when they look this good. If you're searching for even more Halloween inspiration, you just might love our collection of Candied Apples and Quick and Easy Halloween Treats. If you whip up a couple of monster-themed treats be sure to let us know how you liked them down below in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter. We love to hear what you guys enjoy making!