Why complicate love?
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Valentine’s Day is all about KISSing. Okay, not that kind. I’m talking about the acronym—Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Skip the fancy reservations, the expensive wine, and the over-the-top box of chocolates—the love that you and your S.O. share is already priceless, so why try to put a price on it, you know? Instead, hold on to your hard-earned dollars and opt for these budget-friendly, clever V-day treats that are sure to put a smile on your person’s face. Here are some simple yet undeniably adorable ways to tell BAE that they’re the one this February 14th.

Loving Bears

For these adorable crackers, you’ll need a handful of Teddy Grahams, candy hearts, and vanilla icing. Grab a zip top bag, add a couple spoonfuls of vanilla icing, and snip a small corner in the plastic bag. Pipe a small amount of icing on the bear’s chest, and press a candy heart on it. Repeat with remaining hearts and bears. Look at that heart beating!

Valentine Pretzel Rods

Pretzels are good, but chocolate-covered pretzels are way better. And when they’re decked out in V-day decorations, they’re practically unbeatable. Prepare a bowl of white and/or red candy melts according to package directions. Dip the rod halfway into the melted chocolate and then immediately roll it around in a variety of Valentine sprinkles. Repeat until you’re out of pretzels.

Red Fruit Salad

For the health-minded Valentine, worry not—there’s something for everyone. In this luscious fruit salad, you’ll need strawberries and watermelon. Slice and cut the fruits into bite-sized pieces with heart-shaped cutters. Mix in raspberries and pomegranate seeds, as well, because we can’t get enough red and pink into this sweet situation.

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Valentine Appetizer Tray

Going along with the theme of heart-shaped everything, go ahead and use those same cutters for assorted cheeses and meats. Simply slide the cutter through a sharp cheddar or your favorite aged salami, and adorn the rest of the board with olives, nuts, dried fruit, and some crackers. Boom, if your partner wasn’t already head over heels for you, they definitely are now.

Bacon Hearts

For the simplest trick of them all, listen closely. This requires practically zero effort, but the results are jaw-dropping. Are you ready? Take two slices of bacon, and gently mold them together in the shape of a heart, carefully squeezing the ends of each piece together. Bake or fry them until they’re crispy. If you’re an overachiever, you can even crack an egg in the center, because your love is no yolk.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane