It’s already in your refrigerator.

We’re all about pie here at MyRecipes. In fact, it’s pretty much what we live for. And, with springtime right around the corner, we’re positively euphoric over the pretty peach and berry pies we’re going to make.

All pies are gorgeous in our eyes. But, for a truly spectacular-looking pie, you’re gonna need to add a step or two to your recipe.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: The golden brown color you see on most pie crusts has nothing to do with the crust itself—what really matters is what you brush on top.

You don’t need any special store-bought glazes to make your crust pop. No, all you really need is a single egg for a simple egg wash. What you do with the egg depends on what kind of finish you’re after.

If you want an intense, golden yellow color with a shiny finish, use one whole egg, beaten.

If you’re looking for a deeper brown color that’s still shiny, reach for just the yolk, beaten.

If you you don’t want to change the color of the crust all that much—but you still want a nice, glossy finish—use just the egg white.

If you’re more about that matte life and don’t want a shiny finish at all, skip the egg altogether. Instead, opt for a few tablespoons of milk or cream.

To apply the egg wash, just use a regular old pastry brush. Brush on a thin (but complete) layer, and bake as usual. If your wash is feeling a little too thick, mix in a teaspoon of water to thin it out a bit.

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